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Ways to Sneak More Steps into Your Day, work more exercise into your daily schedule

Ways to Sneak More Steps into Your Day

Learn how you can work more exercise into your daily schedule.

You have a busy life and sometimes it’s just not possible to make time for your daily work out.  However, getting the right amount of exercise doesn’t need to take a chunk out of your schedule.  Instead, you simply need to use your time more effectively.  Here are some tips to help you work more exercise into your daily schedule.

Re-Think Your Daily Commute

One way to get more exercise is by stepping up your daily work commute.  If your live close to work, consider walking or even riding your bike to the office.  If you live too far away to commute on foot, then consider parking a couple of blocks away from your office.  This way you can sneak in more steps without being late to the office.

Park Far Away

When you are out running errands, you have another opportunity to get a little bit of extra exercise.  When you pull into a parking lot, make sure you park far away from your destination.  This way you have to put in a little bit more effort to get your shopping and other errands done.

Maximize Your Weekends

While it’s tempting to simply vegetate when the weekend rolls around, it’s important that you make the most of your free time.  Instead of lazing around on Saturday morning, consider taking your dog for a walk or walking down to a local coffee shop.  Making little adjustments like this to your weekend routine can help you get the necessary physical activity without adding more stress to your life.

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