20 March, 2015 0

Storing Your Snowmobile This Spring

Preparing Your Winter Toy For The Offseason

Your snowmobile is key to a winter of fun. It lets you get out and truly enjoy the snow in a way no other toy does, so it deserves to be safeguarded during the offseason. To help you properly store your snowmobile so it will be ready for another winter of fun, consider this guide.

• Fill your fuel tank completely and add in a fuel stabilizer so the fuel will be properly preserved. This will remove any air space from the fuel tank that could result in oxidizing fuel.

• Take off your drive belt and store it unrolled. That way, the drive belt cannot harden into a certain shape preventing it from rotating properly around the clutches. Furthermore, this storage technique prevents condensation buildup between the clutch sheaves and the drive belt.

• Remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place. Charge it once a month with a charge of no more than 2 amp/hr. The fluid level might go down, but you can top it off to the fill line with distilled water before you perform your monthly charge.

• Plug up the carburetor air intake, cooling system intake, outlet holes, and muffler outlet so small animals cannot get in and build nests.

• Loosen the track tension bolts as much as possible to avoid stretching or cracking while your snowmobile is stored.

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