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Buying Earthquake Insurance Los Angeles CA

A Few Reasons For Buying Earthquake Insurance

What you need to know about buying Los Angeles, CA earthquake insurance. 

If it’s been a while since you took earth science, you might not remember that California sits on a subduction zone where the Pacific’s tectonic plate slides until the plates that make up North American. We’re not just sharing this for your next trivia night; this reality makes earthquake risk very real for Californians.

Even so, many Californians haven’t thought much about getting insured against an earthquake. We want to underscore that it’s crucially important you be prepared for the next big one in California by buying earthquake insurance. Here are a few reasons you need this type of coverage.

  • You’re Exposed. You may think your homeowners insurance will pick up the tab after an earthquake, but you’re wrong. Homeowners policies don’t contain coverage for earthquakes at all. To get covered, you need a separate earthquake insurance policy.
  • You Can’t Rely On FEMA: While the federal government will do what they can to get you back in your home, their funding can be difficult to qualify for. Also, even if you do get a FEMA payout, it likely won’t cover the cost of replacing all of your belongings.
  • You Can’t Risk It. Think you can roll the dice on there not being another earthquake in our area? Think again. The California Earthquake Authority reports that there’s a 99 percent (yes, you read that right) chance that our state will experience a 6.7 or greater earthquake in the next few decades. With the devastating financial consequences of such a natural disaster, you just can’t chance it.

Would you like to learning more about why you need earthquake insurance? With offices in Long Beach and Los Angeles, the team at Fuller Insurance Agency understands your earthquake risk because we face it, too. To get the policy you need from a dedicated staff of local insurance experts, contact us today.

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