12 May, 2016 0
Check Out These Emergency Preparedness Tips For Wildfires

Check Out These Emergency Preparedness Tips For Wildfires To Ensure You Stay Safe This Wildfire Season

Be ready for wildfires with the right insurance and these emergency preparedness tips for wildfires! Wildfires are a part of living in Southern California. With hot, dry weather, and lots of woodland brush, fires are bound to happen. You may think that your homeowners insurance gives you the coverage that you need in the event…

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20 July, 2015 0
Preventing Theft Homeowners Insurance Los Angeles CA

Ways To Prevent Home Theft

Safeguarding Your Property In 1-2-3 Since summer is too commonly known as theft and break-in season, there is no better time than now to check your home for any vulnerabilities and correct them before it is too late. Far too many homeowners do not realize how weak their protection measures are until they experience a…

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13 July, 2015 0
Renters Insurance Long Beach CA

Renters Insurance FAQ

Do You Understand Your Coverage? Are you one of the many renters who is enjoying each day without the proper protection? There are an overwhelming number of renters who are living in their rented space unprotected, emphasizing the importance of clearing up some of the many misconceptions surrounding this vital safeguard. We have answered a…

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9 July, 2015 0

Saving Water In Your Garden

How To Save Water During California’s Severe Drought As more and more restrictions are being put in place as our beautiful state continues to suffer from severe drought conditions, it is important for homeowners with a green thumb to learn about ways they can help to lessen the effects. We are not suggesting allowing your…

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5 July, 2015 0

Insurance Risks With Peer To Peer Home Sharing

Homeowners Insurance and Renting Out Your Home Through Airbnb As a homeowner, you may be tempted by the new trend hitting the country called Airbnb. This unique service, known as peer to peer home sharing, allows you to bring in extra cash by renting out your home, couch, or guest house to travelers. However, before…

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