9 January, 2015 0

Get Winter Ready With These Tips

Use These Guidelines To Protect Against Winter Weather Even in comparatively balmy Southern California, we see inclement weather in the winter months. Take December’s deluge of rain for example- not only did it drive us indoors but it lead to serious traffic accidents and even mudslides. Are you prepared to face the changing seasons? Use…

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The Right Tires for Winter Driving

It’s easy to forget about your tires when it comes to vehicle safety. But with winter weather already in many parts of the country, tires are an important aspect you should keep in mind. Your tires can be the difference between a safe trip and a disastrous one, whether you’re driving a routine daily route…

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2 January, 2015 0

Tips for Securing Your Bundle of Joy

Car Seat & Booster Seat Choices for Optimal Protection When you purchase a car seat for your little bundle of joy, you are expecting that car seat to protect your child from harm. In order to feel confident in your child’s security, you must purchase a car seat that has earned a high safety rating.…

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